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Re: A suspicious fling: help

One very important thing to keep in mind when evaluating synastry or composite charts in an effort to evaluate the worth of a relationship is this: These charts cannot determine with certainty the character of the other party. You have to do that.

I tell my students to pick a couple really vile people from history such Hitler or Charles Manson and then make up a bunch of composites or synastries with this person and many of your friends and family. You will get some really good charts that seem to indicate a compatible relationship. But you surely would not wish someone like Manson or Hitler on someone you care about.

There are of course clues in natal charts about character flaws, emotional traumas, psychological issues. It's easy to see the potential of a very troubled person when you see Manson's chart, but not so much with Hitler's. But a natal chart never is definitive in this way as many people born at the same time/day often have different outcomes.

So these techniques are useful in weeding out impossibly difficult relationships before one gets too involved when you see very bad stuff. But that does not mean if the charts demonstrate mostly good stuff that the relationship will work. Astrology is only one thing that influences how people behave; their culture, their upbringing etc all comes into play.

That said this composite chart has a big stellium with both luminaries indicating very powerful interaction. But it contains Moon, Pluto and Mars. This is a big reason you feel unsafe. Moon-Pluto is always extremely obsessive and intense, Mars adds an element of aggression which could go as far as violence in certain situations. This stellium is further intensified or strengthened by the trines to Jupiter and Saturn and the sextile to Uranus and Neptune. It would take two very evolved and mature people to make this work well, especially with the synastric aspects already mentioned that involve Moon and Lillith and Pluto.

Also his Mars in Virgo squares your Sadge planets which include Mars and Pluto. And your Mars squares his Moon. M- Moon synastric aspects make for hot-blooded affairs where fights can get out of hand. These are very difficult aspects.

I think your intuition is serving you well. He may be a good guy despite his white lie but just not for you.
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