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Re: Potential Spouse Characteristics

Hi abhi252, if you are planning to get into a long-term relationship or a formal marriage its better you start it after 2020 June 6th. Till then the time is not favorable for relationships.

• Your spouse gets emotional while talking to you, his/her younger siblings and other people
• Emotionally connected with his/her friends, social circle and elder siblings
• Good at driving and probably drives fast, might own or know to use more than one vehicle
• Communication style is elegant and to the point. Might sound demanding at times.
• Good at creative skills. Your spouse might not discuss much about his/her work with you.
• Your spouse might complain about his/her boss. You spouse doesn’t like to take lead.
• Your spouse cannot handle authorities in his/her work organization. There will always be one or the other trouble due to them.
• Probability of having pimples on face. May have breathing problems like being allergic to certain foods, asthma, etc.
• Will have a short haircut.
• Your spouse can be critical about your looks, interest to travel, your higher education and expenditures. He/she can even pick fights regarding these things with you.
• Your spouse likes to be in relationship with someone who gives enough freedom within the relationship, must be committed for a long-time, put efforts to nurture the relationship, be romantic and acts matured.
• Your spouse will appear as a not so learned person even though he/she may have degrees from a good college
• Ego issues between you both mainly due to money, property and extra marital affairs can lead to divorce.

Please confirm following details about yourself.

At the age of 24 did you break up with your previous girlfriend?
At 24, did you get into any accident while driving to work and had to take treatment for your legs/ knees?
Did your mother undergo any medical surgery last year?
You don’t get good sleep or rest with the current job you are in?
Did you join in a new job this year or did you receive any such opportunity?
Are you planning to start something new or change your work to get additional income?

Need detailed readings? Please PM me
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