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Re: who is talking behind my back at work?

l7=open enemies, rivals, job's turned l10=boss, colleagues..etc
l12=hidden enemies
both houses, 7th and 12th, are ruled my mars
inside 7th house we have mercury , and mercury is adrogynous, however in an aspect with moon, so here represents woman .mercury also natural sig for information, rumors etc...mercury retrograde and under the beams and soon to turn combust whoever spreads these rumors or these people being under the beams cannot be seen clearly.mercury rules also job's turned 8th (Others' resources; the psychic or emotional integrity of the social scene on the job; secret financial schemes; hidden power agendas....etc)
sun also in venus detriment and moon's fall represents a man who despises you
l10=your job=saturn in mars exaltation(your open-hidden enemies), in moon's triplicity and moon's detriment,but detriment is stronger than triplicity and moon is you also as your it seems that things in your work are in mars' favor
moon previously found mercury by antiscion...antiscion has a meaning of secret but not always
and moon is about to tol jupiter to mercury, so connect l8, or l7's turned 2nd to mercury, whoever is that jupiter, as l11 could be considered as friends also..who knows
saturn also here collects both sun and mars
so it seems that mercury and sun are your enemies...and sun possibly represents the man you said in your comments, while mercury probably a woman..but i dont think that they are close colleague, since you are in mutual negative reception(venus in mercury's detriment and mercury in venus detriment and moon's fall)

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