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Re: Martial Law: Elite Marines called to active duty 10/19/2019

Originally Posted by Cecile View Post
Good morning, AJ.

Do you and Waybread and everyone commenting on the constitution have a JD in Constitutional Law?

Despite the disagreement on Martial Law, I would advise keeping an eye open for Sunday 10/20/2019 with the Moon conjuncting Zero Hour USA's MC 4:54AM; then conjuncting USA's Sun 6:35AM, and then that precisely formed Boomerang 7:25AM D.C. time. I see troops on the move. The 12th-6th reversal to Virgo-Pisces, Neptune in each, Mars in 12th reeks of stealth and precison.

Enough said. I got shot down. Chances are the covert nature of this operation will keep it out of the main stream media.

Ignorance is bliss -- until it's not.
No JD, Cecile, I'm just an information junky.

In my previous working life, I had to read huge amounts of material within short periods of time, so I developed speed reading habits. Plus I'm retired, so I can spend a lot of my time on this sort of thing.

Here's another saying: never attribute to a conspiracy what you can attribute to sheer incompetence.
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