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Re: Martial Law: Elite Marines called to active duty 10/19/2019

I truly do appreciate your chiming in, and I look forward to reading what the other Mundane Astrologers have to say about Antares-Aldebaran.
Question: How or why "warlike"
There is nothing in the universe that forces a planet or a fixed star (are Antares-Aldebaran), to be warlike. The reason why they are mentioned over eons of time as being thus is because the ancient astrologers who worked for Kings and Emperors, noticed these fixed stars prominently displayed either in natal charts of the country's generals or during battle. After a while, (I would assume, much like anything being scrutinized and watched over long periods of time), and then written about, the adjectives stuck.

From the time of Ptolemy or before then, astrologers assigned the adjectives of behaviors for known planets to he fixed stars. Some are more Mars-Saturn like for example, or Mars-Jupiter like then others i.e. Mercury etc.may think more before acting out. Antares is currently around 9 degrees tropical sign Sagittarius and Aldebaren directly across in Gemini.

Now we know thousands of years later thanks to the diligence of astrologers of old, to watch these two Royal Persian stars more carefully when we see them prominently displayed in the charts.

I have written about Alderbaran & Antares quite a bit, having watched them for myself over time. Aldebaran is more about (as said by the ancients), "honor in intelligence" then about mindless war mongernig or Mars like behaviors. That is usually assigned more to Antares although this star too, (Anti-Ares) Mars like can be benign until one sees it in a totally spontaneous murder victim. Sad to say.

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