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Re: Martial Law: Elite Marines called to active duty 10/19/2019

Good morning, Conspiracy Theorist.

I had to look up Antares-Aldebaran. Wow! Knowing only what I'm reading now this certainly adds another dimension to my opus (text deleted from thread though I believe to be accurate in spite of conspiratorial overtones and misunderstandings regarding Martial Law).

To me the stars and planets are like a huge multidimensional clock, such that Antares-Aldebaran being on the horizons are certainly not to be ignored. I definitely got a Wow feeling when I understood what little I do understand about them.

I imagine the planets and the stars too as a theatrical performance with the different celestial bodies representing the theater, the stage, the backdrop, the props, the actors, the action, the dialog, etc. Antares-Aldebaran in my simple scenario would be the proscenium.

I truly do appreciate your chiming in, and I look forward to reading what the other Mundane Astrologers have to say about Antares-Aldebaran.
Question: How or why "warlike"?

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