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Re: Martial Law: Elite Marines called to active duty 10/19/2019

This article deals with ingress charts, but happens to be a good primer for mundane astrology.

I've attached "the" Sibly chart, drawn up by astrologer Ebenezer Sibly in 1787 for the "birth" of the United States. There are multiple rectified versions of it. Here's one. Uranus was just barely known in 1787 but not incorporated into astrology yet. The outer planets are unknown. I don't know what house system Sibly would have used.

It is possible that the founding fathers knew about astrology-- there are interesting arguments for Masonic influences. It is also possible that the birth was not based upon astrological principles.

Even though the idea of the presidency did not exist in 1776, the Sibly chart has shown itself to be radical, when comparing it with historical events.

Mars and the 6th house govern the military. The 7th rules foreign affairs. The 10th house and sun rule the head of state and party in power. The law is a 9th house matter.

It is interesting that the founding fathers were very concerned to limit their leaders' power. We see Saturn in the 10th, and sun square Saturn. Saturn rules limitations.

In terms of the military, the major experience of the new republic seems to have been abuses by the British military occupation of the colonies-- hence the second and third amendments. Mars is actually in the terms of Venus. Venus rules the 6th house and conjuncts beneficial Jupiter. Venus is the planetary ruler of peace

This chart has undergone many transits and progressions. So all kinds of influences have affected it since 1776. We know about the USA's military involvements. But it is hard for for me to see martial law baked into this chart.
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