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Re: Bible and Astrology

Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post
Hi greybeard,

How do we know what John says is true?

John says Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday. The other three say differently.

They all can't be right. Either John erred or the other three erred.

It says something that Yahweh doesn't even know when his "only begotten son" (haha) died.
Hi AJ Astrology,

What do you think of the bible's inclusion of astrological references throughout? Opal mentioned it as 'The Book of the Ages'. Any thoughts?

Do you think the details and inconsistencies of timing discredits all teachings and philosophies encompassed within? What if you approach biblical references within personal and or literary frameworks, creating meaning and value rather than attempting to find an 'objective' 'right-way' interpretation?
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