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Red face Cancer-Aquarius w 3 yods, 5 planets in retrograde (CHAOS CHART)

Hi everyone- just trying to figure out WHAT to do with my life. I have multiple t-squares, yods, and a cradle in my chart. The whole thing is a total mess with influences from every direction-

1st house- Pisces cusp
2nd house- Aries cusp
3rd house- Taurus cusp
4th house- Gemini cusp
5th house- Mars; Cancer cusp
7th house- Jupiter; Virgo cusp
8th house- Sun; Libra cusp
9th house- Mercury and Pluto; Scorpio cusp
10th house- Venus; Sagittarius cusp
11th house- Moon, Uranus, and Neptune; Capricorn Cusp
12th house- Saturn; Capricorn cusp

Sun- in Scorpio (square Saturn, sextile Uranus)
Moon- in Capricorn (opposite Mars, conjunct Uranus and Neptune, sextile Pluto)
Mercury- in Sagittarius (sextile Jupiter, semisquare Uranus and Neptune)
Venus- in Sagittarius (sextile Saturn)
Mars- in Cancer (opposite Neptune, trine Pluto)
Jupiter- in Libra (semisquare Pluto)
Saturn- in Aquarius
Uranus- in Capricorn (conjunct Neptune)
Neptune- in Capricorn (sextile Pluto)
Pluto- in Scorpio

I'm somewhat new to reading charts but I can tell this is either a complete disaster or a wild success. Can anyone help read this chart?
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