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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

Originally Posted by MaeMae View Post
well, think about leo and aries. neither likes told being what to do. it seems natural in maturity that top-down authority would be bristled at. i feel pretty certain that i won't work for anyone else again. i know i'm over it. creative action is our particular calling.
Hello People:

I am a Leo rising with Aries Midheaven. I am certainly NOT a spokesman for every Leo rising person, but with transiting Uranus in Aries in effect for the next couple of years, I think that you LEO/ARIES MC folk will need to re-invent, yourselves, and also, take a good look in the mirror...

The time for b*llsh*t is OVER, people ! It is time to pay the piper and look that grim b*stard Saturn square in the eye...

If Saturn gets in my way, better watch out, 'cause he better NOT mess around with the RJ... LOL

Self-employment is NOT ALWAYS an option or the 'quick fix' for ALL Aries Midheaven people. For example, if you have lousy credit or bad credit, then who the h*ll do you think is going to loan you money for your small business... Not me, that's for sure....

The best way to resolve this issue is to critically examine where the natal SUN (ruler of the 1st house) and MARS (ruler of the career 10th house) reside in your own natal charts...

Astrology ALWAYS WORKS through critical analysis, not through anecdotal evidence, hearsay or gossip...

I have natal Mars in the 9th house, in Aries. Mars likes Aries, cause it's in its own sign.

Aries is a sign of self-employment. Thus, I have run a successful business for nearly 17 straight years...related to sports and recreation...

I am very good at what I do, among the best in the country...

I have also worked in the transportation business for nearly 20 years (Mars in the natal 9th house). I have logged over 1 million miles on the road...

That does not mean that YOU, the Aries midheaven gal or guy, will be successful in self-employment or transportation... Self-employment requires a certain amount of self-enterprise, discipline, 'b*lls', computer skills...advertising skills, media skills, etc.

I have natal Sun in the 11th house... I have been active in community groups and volunteering since I was 6 years old..

I am also an expert at fundraising and organizing events...I have many connections...

Working for others is inevitable, but the Leo/Aries person needs freedom of mobility.

If laziness creeps in, then the following saying takes effect:

"He who attempts to spit on the likely to get soaking wet ! "

- Oriental proverb

best regards,

R.J. smith
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