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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

[ may wish to create a new thread completely using javowiz's last post as the opening post, given this is a personal request from him, and not related to the thread itself.]

Now to you, javowiz............
Firstly, your struggle to find your career path through life is not unusual or unique. Those born from the mid 70's onwards frequently struggle with finding their way through.

Now, the main reason astrologically for this is that you have natal Chiron in the 10th house, and this describes a `wound' of having any or all of the following:
  • difficulties in knowing if where you are going and what exactly is `right' for you.
  • difficulties with people in `authority'.
  • being able to see where others need to be going and how, but having little insight into what actually suits you.
You also have your Nodal axis forming a Grand Cross with your MC-IC axis.......what this may mean for you is that you will feel drawn in several different directions at the same time, and then if you feel you are `getting there', something about this will still not feel right for you.

You have a Libra stellium in your 3rd house, and this is being activated currently by transiting Saturn. This can have you feeling somewhat hard on yourself for not having got it all together by now. You have only just completed your Saturn Return - something everyone experiences at age 29 - and this is a time of reviewing your life so far, throwing out what doesn't work, and attempting to replace what doesn't work for you with something which does. Thus your sense of having drifted through jobs and not having hit upon the `right' one.

Let me suggest to you that this is not a waste of time. You have had a lot of varying experiences, and this in itself is a valuable life lesson.
I have a sense that you have a profound ability to help and serve others in some way, but before you do that you have to walk a difficult road of your own. After all, the best people to help others are those who have actually `been there'.

Your Scorpio Sun is conjunct Pluto, so you will have to change and transform throughout your life. This means that what suits you now will no longer work for you in 5-10 years. I think that you are meant to try different things, and to see what `fits'. It's just that this probably feels uncomfortable and wrong to you. And your family's reactions to your `drifting' is about them and their expectations of you - it is not about you at all. They have no doubt been bragging about their brilliant son to all who would listen, and now they see that (in their expectations at least) you have `failed'. I think that you are a success for not having bought into that stuff!!! And who says you have to be a professional something-or-other and make lots of money?

You have a lot of `talent' in your chart, but that Chiron in the 10th says that you have some kind of Higher Purpose. Many priests, nuns, popes and other religious/spiritual devotees have Chiron in the 10th.

(And I also sense that what you are actually asking is for `permission' to be the way you are, and to follow your path, rather than the one your folks have set for you.)

I wish you well.

"There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."
- from Anthem
by Leonard Cohen

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