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Re: What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days?

(Ok, so I do apologize for the fact that this might actually be the first time I register to an "online" community , and Ive got no clue whether Im actually writting in the correct box or not, etc.) .. So yeah, humm.. well this topic :What's up with Leo Asc/Aries MC people these days? got my full attention since I have been "battling" (so to speak), with my vocational purpose in this life ..It has become a bit of a burden , honestly every single person I know has a slight clue regarding their career or lifes mission , yet as much as Ive felt & gone through a myriad of jobs and tried loads of different activities(even from different perceptual positions) , no powerful or substantial "passion" emerges , nothing seems to "ring a bell" , and my occupational indecisiveness or my current lack of passion for any job-activity is just becoming a heavy load! I am helplessly & desperately trying to find out what to make a living from ? I would appreciate any insights. I Seriously feel I was led to this website upon asking for help-guidance and Im grateful w/source for finding this community. Im currently undergoing an unprecedented shift (saturn return , plus all trans-generational planets changing etc. etc. and so on )and my story is I used to rank really high in my familys “love-chart” back in the days,(me a brilliant & promising talent blah blah) … , BUT now only a few days away from my 30 B-day ( oct.24th) after not complying w/ their long-cultivated expectations , my popularity has now plunged, hitting rock bottom, all the way down to where I am basically seen as a lost, lazy, paralized crazy-delusional “alien“ who cant or wont walk his talk !.. and I just had a painful confrontation w/mom which is the immediate reason I felt compelled to search for clarity before discovering this site… - Ive come to be taken “literaly” as a weekly recreational pin-point game-SPOT where my whole family can just target and mirror their own loads &fears ... Waves of Love , & thx. for reading !

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