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Re: He wants to get married, but Neptune is square our Venus, help!

Dear Sweetpea -

Thank you for your well thought out and truthful reply. The description pertaining to the 2nd house of self esteem and Sagittarius "the hunter" rang very true indeed.

There was a point a few months ago before we reunited in person and were still only speaking on the phone where I directly questioned his propensity to build a pedestal for the women in his life, only to tire of them and tear the pedestal down after a time. He very candidly admitted that this had been part of his modus operandi in relationships since his very first romance, and on to the present time. He's also been frank about women writing tearful letters condemning his behaviors in the past. He even disclosed that he's struggled with sexual compulsion...

I think the honesty has not been a ploy to foster trust - I think there is something of the Neptune square in our relationship that echos his own natal hard aspects that makes our relationship feel safe and accepting to him, and does grant him "permission" to reveal these personal shortcomings. However, he's never yet expressed a deep desire to change, or revulsion at the hurt he's caused others. So, yes, I should not be his fool. I will honor the Saturn on the ascendant and slowly and diligently gather facts.

I did check our composite Chiron, it is in the 9th house - interestingly ruled by Sagittarius the Hunter, a recurring theme in our relationship may be the hunt for "narcissistic supply" perhaps I am that supply to him?

Best Wishes & Thanks!
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