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Re: He wants to get married, but Neptune is square our Venus, help!

The composite has Mars square Neptune in addition to Venus square Neptune and that's a worry because he's already played out this 'deceptive guy' archetype.

He has Venus-Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius (the hunter, often hungry for new conquests) in the 2nd house of self-esteem. He's likely to put a girl on a pedestal of idealisation until he realises her real, normal, ordinary nature and then his Venus-Saturn square will kick in, he'll devalue that girl in his mind and he'll look around for another girl to see as a Goddess for a while.

And this pattern repeats in the composite, with the Venus-Saturn-Neptune and Mars-Saturn-Neptune theme. It's as if this relationship "gives him permission" to play out his natal dysfunction.

If it was just the 2 of you, I'd say why not go for renewing your relationship (but not marriage, yet) but if you want to have children eventually, then it's another matter. You're gambling with their future too. And anyone that wants to get married without testing out a relationship of a year or 2 first, is waving a red flag at you.

With your Venus-Neptune opposition, could it be that the guy you "really love" isn't really this guy at all, but a fantasy guy that you're making him into. Are you really in love with a guy who has cheated on you already? Why? What can be lovable about that kind of betrayal? Why would you brush it under the carpet and imagine it couldn't happen again? Of course the answer is "Venus-Neptune" who always forgives that which shouldn't be tolerated at all. Venus-Neptune can be a bit of a love-addict, as can Leo Ascendant, but letting yourself be sweet-talked into another relationship with someone who's already disappointed and disillusioned you once, you're not showing sufficient discrimination about a very serious decision that could affect your whole future. His Mercury-Pluto square can be misused in a manipulative sense. Every time he says something sweet to you/about you, you'll get a surge of the dopamine pleasure-chemical in your brain and that can quickly turn into an addiction. Manipulators do 'love bombing' for a reason.....

I also don't like his Sun-Mars conjunct in t-square with Jupiter and Chiron (the wound that doesn't heal) which falls right on his Descendant. That Chiron is 'you', the wounded partner. Have you sussed out what kind of relationship dynamics he's had in the intervening 10 years? Has he left a trail of wounded partners behind? These are the kind of Saturnian questions that need to be asked and answered. Saturn is on composite Ascendant to force you to be slow, thorough, delaying, examining the evidence .... as opposed to Neptune's basking in sunlit illusion and fantasy futures. I don't think Chiron shows in the composite or the synastry charts that you've selected, it could be very informative to find out how it looks in those charts.

Also look at his Saturn in the synastry, the difficult aspects it makes to your Moon and Mercury. That'll most likely turn to belittling you, putting restraints on what you can say and how you express your feelings. Saturn in Virgo can be harshly critical. And his Mercury only makes minor or difficult aspects. Communication is far more important than anything else in a long-term relationship.

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