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Re: He wants to get married, but Neptune is square our Venus, help!

I believe relationships are challenging in different ways no matter what relationship. I've read about every relationship book there is from religious/spiritual/psychological angles in the last 28 years. I have to say just from that I've learned there is Neptune in reading books. For the simple reason when an author writes, they're projecting their experience. The way they've experienced life. They take quotes from some other individuals experience and try to adapt it to their experience.

Then there is the Neptune of mirroring other individuals. I'm an INFJ and mirror Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Carl Jung, Buddah, Jesus. And so, in my past I read them because they mirrored similarities in myself.

When I don't get along with someone it's usually because I'm mirroring certain astrological planets as well. What I don't like about them is in myself. For example: Scorpio Moon's hit my Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio. And I used to get into trouble with them until I individuated, and self-actualized and enlightened.

This was Neptune until I learned personality types and astrology.

Neptune can be in various forms and it's all determined by what you believe, how you've been conditioned by family, culture, religion, politics, education, and you have to weed out the distortions and dysfunctions.

The consensus stage is following the trend, crowd, and being influenced by others and not thinking for yourself.

I believe karmic relationships are based on Neptune. Since the first relationships we have are based on sex and out of the animal mind, or sex drive of Scorpio. Water signs tend to escape reality, because they're emotion, sensitivity, and society doesn't honor Introverts in general.

Pisces is just one of them and Neptune, but Cancer and Scorpio can also get lost in the illusion of Neptune. Life is based on Entertainment and this is escapism. Cartoon for example is example, or when we say, "Did you like that tune?", referring to music, it's obvious where terms come from.

We go to bars, dance clubs, movies, theaters, concerts, casinos, pornography, and usually there are substances involved. Alcohol or foreign substances to alter states.

Escapism is necessary to one degree, but in moderation. When it becomes an addiction we have a problem with another individual because they're nervous system is sensitive. Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio usually feel the Nervous System the most. The Amygdala and Limbic System is the emotional center. The highway to all addictions is dopamine. The pain and reward center, pleasure, and pain. So what the common society doesn't understand is when they're arguing and fighting they're causing emotional and mental pain. Stress, anxiety, and depression. It comes down to emotional and mental abuse by dominate personalities over submissive which is usually those dominate in water signs.

When one cheats it's usually because they're thinking they're getting something different than you. lol I wouldn't say that, when most men that come around me are usually Scorpio Moons, Saturn in Scorpio, Scorpio Pluto, Sun in Scorpio. This apparently is my karmic lesson to know the difference between a Libra Moon and Scorpio Moon. And all of them usually have Jupiter in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, Juno Aquarius, or something linking to my North Node in Aquarius.

This usually lines up with transits. Like when I ******* up in 2010 I believe the North Node was in Aquarius/South Node Leo and Saturn was in Libra. I have the same placement in my 7th house and North Node Aquarius. And Uranus in Libra. He had an Aquarius Sun, Midheaven Libra, and Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Pluto. And some other signs that were hitting mine.

What I've learned from looking back on relationships is most of the men I've dated are hitting that North Node Aquarius somehow and dominate Scorpio's.

Lilith/Juno plays a role in temptation. Even if someone's looking just at **** or video's they're mirroring certain aspects. And Sexual Entertainment usually is the shadow side of the fixed cross. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio. And I figured that out from another Astrologer, and I mirror this in myself on the lighter side or things. I mirror Entertainment in general.

So when one escapes and abandons others through different methods to avoid their emotional and mental pain they are getting addicted because of their sensory, dopamine, and pain and pleasure center, and the dysfunctional escapism brings their partner emotional and mental pain because they're taking it personally, and it has nothing to do with them at all.

Even when I was harmed sexually by a man in 1992 it was under Saturn in Aquarius and Scorpio Pluto. And he had Saturn in Aquarius in his natal chart.

I believe in karma, because after digging through lots of charts to heal myself, I see how it all connected with my North Node Aquarius/South Node Leo.

Everyone's journey is unique, so you always have to ask yourself, "Who am I?", when listening or reading other people's information. Sure we can meet and compare notes, share lessons, knowledge, insight, but our stories are unique and lessons unique.

Love all begins with inside yourself. Being and INFJ I was the biggest escape artist of them all with 12th house Pisces/Cancer, 4th house Scorpio/Cancer, and 8th house Pisces/Scorpio. Even if I don't have planets in those two houses, they still played a part. Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius expanded the illusions.

I've also been around enough Pisces and Cancers and we all have to get past the illusions of Neptune. I manage to stay away from the drug and alcohol addiction but got addicted to video games for a short time, emotional eating, spiritual bypassing, and educating myself, even learning about entrepreneurship.

Neptune relationships are quite different than Plutonian/Mars. I deal with the Neptune Relationship better than the Pluto/Mars. Pluto/Mars tends to be more physical, drug, alcohol, addictions, emotional and mental abuse.

Where Neptune relationships usually is about how the feminine may believe certain things and masculine believing certain things, but find out it's not the way they were taught by belief systems and the truth gets unveiled. They both tend to escape at the same time in different ways, but they don't fight like Pluto/Mars. They're more passive.

I think you have to realize Neptune is a huge part of culture and society. It's pushed and encouraged. And by educating yourself, you liberate yourself. What others do you can never control. And partially Neptune relationships are sometimes about sacrificing for the moment until the other person heals their emotional and mental wounds.

One of the things I've learned is the karmic relationships usually start with the root chakra and move up the chakra's till they get to Leo/Cancer third eye if they're lucky. And other's start at the Leo/Cancer third Eye, and go down towards the root chakra.

The difference is one begins with emotional and mental pain and doesn't take time to heal first before the relationships and is in a hurry to get married, doesn't really see clearly what they're getting into and gets in trouble. I did this first. lol

Then later in life did the second one where I took things slow, healed first, and we're still not married legally. And I just finished my healing last year that took six years. We both know what we got ourselves into and both do the inner work.

I've observed all kinds of relationships online for the last seven years. Especially five years on Second Life, which was a virtual reality game. I can say there's a diversity of relationships, and it's hard to say what the couple is learning, or if there are multiple people involved, or marriage, it's quite interesting to say, everyone doesn't fit in one box.

Do I understand it all? No! I accept people for who they are? I'm not worried about their lessons, but my own.

If anything I've learned from life is it's not about other individuals as much as it's about your soul evolving out of interactions with other individuals.

Sure, I love my partner, but I've learned my self-worth isn't dependent on the masculine. Abandoned or rejected, cheated on, or whatever in life by men, really has nothing to ever do with me.

I learned this with another guy. You can do everything perfectly, no your P's and Q's, and those transits come along like Saturn and say, your lessons done, times up, and move forward. And you can try to hang on, struggle, and fight it, but when Saturn and Uranus say it's over, it's over.

I even tried that at the end of my marriage.

That may or may not happen for other individuals, but in my case, I know I'm supposed to be where I am at every minute. I may go kicking and screaming sometimes, but I think it's because our soul eventually turns to the light and just like we're born by ourselves we're return to source by ourselves. We're teachers and students to one another in relationships.

Whatever we learn from the opposite sex, we learn about unconditional love, Neptune In Pisces. The higher octave. Unconditional love isn't all bells and whistles, happiness and bliss 24/7.

I think what makes it easy for me and I would recommend to anyone, is going to volunteer at an elderly home, because they are the greatest teachers of unconditional love. I would tell you I probably learned more from them how to love my partner than men themselves.

They taught me to love ugliness, disease, the negative moments of life when they had their outbursts, impatience, demands, and I could write a book on all the lessons they've taught me about patience, understanding, compassion.

And when I look at my natal chart, I smile because 12th house is Cancer in Pisces and they were the Cancer Pluto Generation. And they were Pisces, Abandoned, Rejected, and hidden in private homes, nursing homes, hospice, and in-home care. I even managed a mental impaired home for a short-time. At the age of 3 my mother brought home developmentally disabled.

When you meet all these populations, they also show you neptune through their mental impairments. My favorite story, "There's a whale in the toilet". This was a dementia women, who through her depends in there and flushed the toilet and it overflowed.

Neptune to me is Illusion in many ways. I salute the Cancer Pluto Generation souls for teaching me what I needed to know, because sometimes I feel it was so I would teach the Millennials at this point in time.

Neptune can even come in the form of thinking your partner is the enemy. No the enemy is always inside ourselves. We may take things personally, and I encourage you to look up Phil Zimbardo on You Tube and the Good and Evil segment, Lucifer Effect. He shows this piece of art work that's black and white and asks what do you see. And explains about perception and projecting other individuals are good and evil determining one side of the fence you're standing with beliefs. And he also did the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Millgram's Experiment is definitely and example of Neptune. As people were unaware of what was going on in the experiment and their minds allowed to believe and think what was happening on both sides of the wall.
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