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Re: He wants to get married, but Neptune is square our Venus, help!

Astrology is a great tool, we can use it to understand ourselves and understand our relationships better. But simply looking at the composite chart does not give much information and it is very difficult to predict the future of a relationship even for someone who is a very experienced astrologer.

He did cheat on you before. Does it seem as if his morality and his capacity to care about your feelings has increased? Some people evolve with age and learn from their mistakes.

Marrying someone is always risky, you have no idea if it will last or if you will get hurt. If I were you I would follow my heart. Sometimes it leads to something good and sometimes to a difficult lesson, but regardless it will help you evolve.

If you try to put your fears and past experiences aside and you objectively sense that he seems serious, I would recommend you to go for it. If there is this inner knowing that he is not a good and honest man but you love him so much that you want him anyways you should consider trying to let go of him. Repeating the same lessons takes time.

Talking to him and being as open and honest as you can towards yourself and him is a very good idea to deal with the fogs of Neptune and the inhibitions of Saturn. In my experience, deceitful and dishonest people are quickly repelled if I am honest and open and share my fears and my vulnerability. Good people appreciate it and they open up as well. Neptune is evasive and it does not want to deal with difficult truths.

You could ask him why he cheated. Often people do it because they feel that something is missing. It's interesting to see if he has thought about why he did it and if he is able to give you an explanation. I am very neptunian and I have Venus square Neptune in my natal chart. I have learnt to seek for and find the truth about why I react in certain ways and why I am drawn to a certain person and when someone asks me questions I am always willing to share my current theories about myself openly and I have pure intentions. When I was younger I was clueless, I was lost in a fog of illusions and I did not have answers.

If you ask him direct questions about his feelings and behaviours and he gives you answers like: "why do you ask me that?", "you seem to feel insecure", "don't know, it was probably because of something you did", "I don't understand what you are talking about", he is probably a bit lost in the mists of Neptune and it is difficult to have a relationship with someone who is lost.

Good luck with your decision!

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