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Re: He wants to get married, but Neptune is square our Venus, help!

Originally Posted by Jettabor View Post
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you could give my composite chart with my love interest a look and tell me if the Neptune squaring our Venus and our Ascendant means potential pain and turmoil for us. We dated once ten years ago, was passionate until he started seeing one of our friends behind my back.

We reconnected recently, and he's telling me he's in love, wants children, and would like to marry me. I'm afraid to let myself love him again, even though I can feel myself falling for him once more. I daydream about our lives together, and children specifically. We have composite moon in 5th house, we have sun sextile moon in the seventh - and basically a packed seventh house. However - our Venus is composite in the 12TH and as I've mentioned our composite Neptune is squaring our Venus and the Ascendant, my worry is that our relationship will never get passed the dreaming of the future phase, or that it will get off the ground and then he'll cheat like crazy (again)...

I really love this guy, please tell me what you think!

Best Wishes-
I believe Neptune manifests in different ways. What I've figured out in life is not allowing other individuals to project their reality on to you. This is one way Neptune works. Someone has a different belief system of some sort projects on to you and you have a different belief system and you project on to them.

Neptune presents itself sometimes when people assume or conclude, without facts or evidence to back up their assumptions and conclusions. They'll start drama or the karpman drama triangle. Which than for a time Neptune is a fog. How many people believe the person judging, and getting others to back them up through gossiping and rumormongering? Eventually than the fog comes down and truth is exposed.

Neptune presents itself through lies and deception. How many people do you know that never lie or deceive others 100%. I've never met anyone who isn't hiding something in their closet about the past, work, past relationships.

Neptune presents itself through gas-lighting. Extroverts gas light Introverts all the time.

Really in my experience, it's never been about what relationship or whom, but learning to see through the illusions, digging deeper within, researching facts and finding out about true authentic self. Which this is another way Neptune works. False Self who everyone tells you are and Authentic Self (Soul). Conditioned by society.

Neptune in Pisces is exposing a lot of truths right now in my life. I can't say I always like it, but it's part of the process accepting Neptune plays a part in things and teaches you something.

Even if one lies, deceives, cheats, it's always exposed. In my experience even if I know astrology, the way I may feel life will manifest doesn't always happen the way I envision it. It's a guide and map, but it's really all about the energies changing as you go along, and whether you both learn your soul lessons. Some of us learn it, others don't. The whole process is a journey.

In my experience even with dating Saturn, Uranus, Neptune always works together and ends the relationship when it's meant to whether your married or not. The biggest part is accepting we don't have complete control over events and even if we study the chart, there still isn't always 100% guarantee.
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