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Talking Hello Everyone!!!

Hi All!

I am new to this website. This is actually my first forum I've ever been a part of! I am a lover of astrology, have been since I was in high school, but have started getting deeper into it in the past few years. Some of my information:

I am a Taurus Sun
Leo Rising
and Leo Moon

-My moon is conjunct my ascendant within 1 degree. Yes I wear my heart on my sleeve...!! It's really hard not to for me, which I think can make things hard in life, at times...

I am here to build friendships through astrology, and learn more about this beautiful artform! I recently got my first birth-chart reading done, with some info on past lives. I found it really interesting, but I want to learn MORE!

I will post my chart in the Read My Chart thread soon! Stay tuned!

I'm really happy to be here! Can't wait to learn more and talk with more astrology lovers!

Astrology lovers unite!


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