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Re: Hello, can someone read my chart?

Capricorn asc cancer rasi . punarvasu nak . good for teaching , writing and any advisory role . mostly your work is related to your education .

Started your birth at debilitated jupiter dasa . it indicates lots of struggle in life , your parents have suffered much after you born . many changes life ,both physically mentally , you had a many sleepless nights . no matter how much you work money hardly stays in hands . mother is influential you attach to her . you earn through your intelligence . 2nd lord retro indicates problems in finance and family life . hard work goes futile . your efforts are not up-to satisfying level . in fact you lack self confidence and self efforts , which is your main problem . no happiness from siblings . not good for own business work under someone is best . foreign private company or any consultancy . your profession has much responsibilities but low income . women will play major role in profession . watch out for addictions , you may addicted to alcohol and sex . not only you your wife is also addicted to sex . Venus mars in Scorpio. good for bed pleasures but bad for wife nature . aggressive athletic dynamic highly controlling wife . she may be lawyer or doctor . but will have govt touch , successful in her career . in fact she runs the family well than you . tomboy type .

this mercury dasa gives you marriage change of job , shifting residence . quarrel with father . take care mom health ,separation from mother , you get mentally disturbed lot , money is wasted lot . you face obstacles in profession , subordinates troubles you . quarrel with family members . frequent changes or cuts in profession . also this mercury dasa take care of stomach you get serious stomach troubles . take meal at right time, never skip meal . plan your savings well , dont waste it on unnecessary things . period of 2023 to 26 good for professional success overall . til then you have teething troubles . plan your step wisely never keep long step , dnt take risk . dnt jump company to company , make sure its best for you before change . else you end up losing everything . you also have trouble from women in the name of love . face disgrace by them . end up in falling in love in with wrong girl . careful with females , you experience both money loss and reputation loss from females . to certain extent from wife too . in the beginning they speak well to you but as days goes you see their dark side . marriage happens in 2028.. wife comes from well to do family, you get all physical material happiness from her . at the same get mentally disturbed by her attitude .
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