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Re: Any good signs in my chart?

You indeed have some nice placements, first of all:

Moon in Taurus is a nice placement to have (because moon rules cancer and Taurus sextiles it).
You also have mercury sextile Jupiter, which makes you good in communication and maybe more suitable for higher education too. Your Jupiter is in a nice place, as was said before.

Your sun and Saturn conjunct Midheaven is somewhat amazing. As was said before, you're a hard worker (I don't think you're lazy at all! At least you have a nice potential to work hard), and you have a possibility to achieve great success, maybe even to be an authority figure (are you..?). It's not certain, though, and might also lead to failure. Saturn conjunct midheaven is more of a fated and karmic destiny too.

Venus (responsible for money and love) is in your 8th house (which rules money of others, crises, transformations, and everything which is a taboo) and in Aquarius. You probably made a living from quite unique job, which involved technology or science (Aquarius sign). Or maybe got some scholarship or extra money (saying this because it's the house of other's money) through these topics in the past. Anyway maybe you can make money in a special way regarding to treating other's money or taboos (sexuality, astrology even? It's all about exploring the unknown and the unaccepted).

Venus conjunct Uranus might shed some light on your financial problems as this might make financial status unstable. Uranus usually tends to shake anything he sees so maybe it made so maybe your relatives experiences some losses (Maybe in your marriage? Just assuming, correct me if I'm wrong. It just seems so because of the placement).

Chiron in the 4th house: you have some wounds related to your childhood and early life (Chiron conjunct IC and opposition MC emphasizes that. It's a very weak conjunction though, of 9 degrees approximately).

Hope I helped and correct me if I'm wrong (it's my first time trying to write analysis about other's chart)
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