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Re: So I like a girl...

Oh, just for the record, mine is on the left, hers is on the right.

Originally Posted by crazybutterfly View Post
Personally I don't believe in "compatibility". Every combination of signs has a possibility of getting along. I think this will depend more on the situation you have with her at the moment, such as how close you two have gotten so far & her exact feelings for you.
We've known each other for years and call each other best friends.

Originally Posted by crazybutterfly View Post
All I can say is that as a Sun in Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius....I have little patience for water signs. I find Venus in Scorpios at times going a bit too far with everything. What I mean by that is they seem to always want to go into depth about everything when its not always necessary. Half the time I don't care about the things they go off about anyway. I'm also very stubborn about everything but I try not to show it. Obviously I don't know you so I'm not accusing you of anything. This is just my personal encounter with Venus in Scorpios.
Oh, I am darn well aware of my tendencies as a Scorpio Venus. With her it hasn't been a problem, though. What happens to me is I tend to get a vicegrip on people for whom I feel affection, despite my heavy Libra influence, and my Leo moon tends to amplify that. As a Taurus moon, however, she has trust issues and I would think my Scorpio Venus "negatives" would be more welcome than otherwise.

Originally Posted by crazybutterfly View Post
I also find from personal experience that Libra guys overdo it with the texting. I hate texting "ksdhgfkwg<3 " every five minutes. I've met three Libra guys that do this. Maybe that's not enough for me to say this but I thought I'd throw it in there to see what you'd say.
LOL. I actually prefer voice conversation, but my girl and I talk the heck out of each other over MSN, so perhaps that's why I rarely text. But yeah, given the option, I'd call you over text you. That said, I can see why some Libra guys would be more inclined to text - our art of seduction is subtle, and that's amplified with the voiceless texts. I'm a Libra who wants directness, though, so I'll only respond to texts I receive, and that's pretty much it.
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