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Re: 12th house Sun and emigration

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I've heard that 12th house Sun natives usually emigrate at some point in their lives. Many Vedic astrologers say that. But what's the Western Astrology viewpoint about this?
The topic of foreign travel receives treatment by observing the position of the luminaries to the angles, both of them, but particularly the moon. For when the moon is setting or declining from the angles, she portends journeys abroad or changes of place. Mars too sometimes has a similar force, either when he is setting or when he himself also has declined from mid‑heaven, when he is in opposition or quartile to the luminaries. If the Lot of Fortune also falls among the signs that cause travel, the subjects spend their whole lives abroad and will have all their personal relations and business there. If beneficent planets regard the aforesaid places or succeed them, their activities abroad will be honourable and profitable and their return quick and unimpeded; but if the maleficent planets regard them, their journeys will be laborious, injurious, and dangerous, and the return difficult, although in every case the mixture of influences is taken into consideration, determined by the dominance of the planets that bear an aspect to these same places, as we explained at first.*.html#8
XII Foreign lands, hostility, slaves, injuries, dangers, tribunals, disease, death, sickness. -
All cadent houses indicate travel and foreign lands in Hellenistic astrology. Sometimes the Descendant was also included. This was cut to the 3rd and 9th in the later tradition, with the latter being longer travel.
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