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Re: Was he an abuser?

Originally Posted by AbbyG View Post
I'm relatively new to astrology but I have a few thoughts

- sun/moon aspects are always a bit problematic. His chart has the conjunct and yours the opposite. I would say that the opposition is harder to handle here - could manifest that as a kind of intense fluctuation of moods
- Scorpio planets are always something questionable - the interest in taboo subjects, etc are indicated. But your chart only seems to have the one planet so it isn't that bad
- The Neptune conjunct Uranus in ascendant could make you sensitive, which narcissists usually are attracted to
- 12th house planets or aspects are also indicative - he has his north node there as well as Uranus and Neptune
- A heavy 8th house or relationship planets in the 8th is also indicative of anger/relationship problems. Having your Venus here and the north node here could tell you that abuse is something that will take you to your life's purpose
Thank you so much for your response! I think you're spot on about a lot of things. With the sun-moon opposition, I do have fluctuations of mood and can be 'moody' (but he also gets moody too ). With Scorpio, yes, I do have interest in taboo subjects (namely astrology, tarot, psychology, criminal violence, armed conflicts and war, etc.). Yes, I would say him and I are both sensitive, and I do tend to attract narcs (but he also does too, I think. For example, he was cheated on by someone in a previous relationship before me). I think you're completely spot on about the 8th house! I do see abuse as something that takes me to my life purpose, as part of my studies is interviewing people who have suffered abuses and violations, and I am very passionate about helping their voice be heard and being part of the justice process for them. I think my experiences of being abused helps me understand what abused people are going through and how to best help them. This breakup has also led me to think much more about my purpose and to focus on that more!

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