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Re: I need a good career

I admire your patience and your willingness to help others like myself kshantaram. I just want to acknowledge the obvious communication differences between our hemispheres in the world, don't take offense. Alright. I love politics and discussing it with people. I'm interested in the arts but right now I don't feel like I have the drive to pursue an arts career. The south node in scorpio located in the 5th house that I can feel like an arrow stuck in me that I can use for myself. Psychology is very easy to me and I feel I can understand more than some experts in the field from just observing people but I feel that's a normal feeling. I do feel very innovative in the way in the way I can get creative and solve some problems, this is amplified probably from my very fortunate pallas placements(an asteroid very familiar in astrology) in the sign of aries. Technology is something I have a passion for in a way also. I've also thought about online entertainment for some while now for over a year to help people through the internet.
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