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Re: Psychic indicators in Natal Charts

Originally Posted by moonkat235 View Post
People call me psychic. They seem to want to label how I know the things I know. I'd say that I'm good at following my intuition regarding reading people.

I would say that Neptune and Uranus conjunct my ascendant makes me come across like I have a 'psychic quality'.

Saturn, Moon, Mars, Mercury all in Pisces.

Jupiter conjunct midheaven in Scorpio.

Jupiter, North Node and Pluto in Scorpio with Pluto and NN conjunct.

Pluto in Scorpio trine Mars and Mercury in Pisces.

Jupiter and Midheaven in Scorpio trine Moon and Saturn in Pisces.

These aspects/placements speak the most to me about my personal brand of 'psychic'.

I also have hypnos prominently placed in my chart, which I've read can be considered a psychic asteroid.
Uranus on Asc would give you flashes of insight, many astrologers have this on the Asc, or other prominent angles. It's interesting to me its conjunct Neptune, I would surmise you may get insights, but it could be muddled and confused. Is it possible for you to separate this out and describe how the mechanism work?

I would also look at Pluto on NN. That's a power aspect.

The 'psychic' term is overused to describe many extra-sensory talents and qualities. But you have a very 'psychic' chart with many types of abilities.
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