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Re: Psychic indicators in Natal Charts


Thank you for sharing the results of your research.
I am quite interested in this topic.

I believe that psychic abilities are more prevalent in the general population than we realize. We live in a society and time when psychic abilities are denigrated and disbelieved. Therefore people tend to shut down or hide their talents in this area.

I believe that psychic abilities in the general population are normally distributed in a typical bell shaped curve. It is an ability like any other, athletic, music, math, etc. However societal and environmental conditions determine whether a certain talent will manifest. A musical genius born into a primitive society, with no available resources or encouragement, will not manifest the talent.

So we are going to see accurate psychic markers in charts where abilities may not have manifested, but the innate talent is there. Additionally like other innate talents there are many types of psychic abilities. Someone with superb athletic talent, usually excels in specific areas, tennis, football, etc. Psychic talent is no different. Innate ability, interest, training, motivation, all line up to produce psychic specialty areas (mediumship, channelling, etc).

The psychic marker list identified is pulled from the charts of professional psychics so we are looking at those with high levels of talent, interest and motivation, the higher percentiles of talent. But most of us have some degree of psychic ability.

BTW, I have most of the markers you list. Four water planets, Pisces stellium (Sun, Moon, Merc, NN). Stellium contacts to outer planets, and part of a grand water trine. I am not surprised that Mercery is an important marker. Psychic abilities are just another form of communication.

I think your research is fascinating, thank you.

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