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Re: Transit question

So the Pluto trine to Mars is not as interesting as the Pluto conjunction moving through your 3rd house stellium. Pluto is conjunct your North Node and just passed over your Neptune, ruler of your 5th. That is like a spiritual transformation. An inner quest to find oneself, one’s spiritual path. Who am I and Why am I here?

Natal Pluto is in your 1st, squaring the MC and some of your Leo stellium. That represents an inner challenge. A tension between your Scorpio/Plutonian personal energy and your reputation with family and superiors. Do you feel at odds with some of the expectations put on you by others? Is there an inner fear that you are letting someone down? Jupiter elevated in the 10th, conjunct a retrograde Mercury, denotes lofty ambitions and goals, perhaps set up by mentors/grandparents/role models. But it is just not for you, and you have to let it go?

Pluto is slowly approaching your Moon/Saturn conjunction. Mom and Dad, here we go. Skeletons falling out of the closet in 3, 2, 1…
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