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Re: How to use T-square energy?

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Several astrologers have told me that there is a lot of energy located in my T square,
a lots of back and forth because of the nature of the planets involved, and quite weak Mars.
They also told me that it is a mayor formation in my chart which should be payed attention to.
But no one suggested to me how to disolve this energy in good and useful way and make the best of it.

So what about the sports?
Because of Mars in Pieces, walking, hiking?
Or something else?
What do you think, any suggestions?

Nicholas Campion wrote an article:
that provides ideas

Solution to the 'T' Square

A: via harmonious Aspects.

The tension of the 'T' Square can be released or positively expressed through the planet which makes the closest sextile or trine to any of the three planets in the 'T' Square. In this example the emotional tension of the Sun-Mars-Saturn 'T' Square can be released through the sextile to Jupiter in Cancer.

B. Development of Opposite Characteristics

The tension of the 'T' Square focuses on the planet at the apex, in this case Venus, and the part of the chart immediately opposite may also act as a focus for problems. By coping with them the whole situation can be eased and turned to advantage. In this example Venus in the eighth house, squared to Uranus and Saturn, suggests business difficulties. This may bring second house problems - personal financial ones with an inability to handle money. By learning how to deal with these issues, the eighth house problems, and the whole 'T' Square, can be helped.

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