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Re: Worst Composite chart? Help!!

this synastry shows why it is difficult to interpret these comparisons.
his moon position can be favorable as it stimulates your ,mars/Jupiter dynamic.

but his sun is conjunct to Eris and opposed to your mars/Jupiter influences. and square you your Uranus/Neptune.

this gives him a highly attractive social personality or aura. he is intensely sexual but wit eris it is more of conquest than commitment as the sexual urges of Eris are always looking around. you have mars/Jupiter square Neptune which suggest that you have been deceived before . Neptune and Uranus position give the ability to inspire others but to some time deceive your self.Neptune

his eros is square to the nodal axis and Neptune I conjunct the south node. these are more aspects the increase his use of emotions and intimate moments.

this is not a person interested in a sincere relations'. you seem to be drawn like a moth to him, but take the moments with him but do not look to the future.

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