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Re: Worst Composite chart? Help!!

Hi nastya

The composite does show much passion and affection but your are correct in that the opposition is problematic.
The moon square to venus and mercury shows that you really enjoy each other and you both talk and laugh a lot .
But problems begin with the moon square to Neptune and Neptune appose to mercury. This shows that there are hidden motives and often Neptune with venus shows the relationship[ will be unfaithful. Neptune usually shows you met in a social setting, while you out on the town and either of you were probably looking for a steady hookup .

Jupiter trine to chiron and mercury shows that you both are very intelligent ad have serious and intellectual talks about obscure things that interest you. This shows that the relationship is not all frivolous but that you both are mature and concerned about the future and social conditions.
But Saturn is conjunct to Uranus and opposed to he sun. this clearly indicates that he does not want a committed relationship. And with Neptune involved it seems he simply want to date and have sex. .so his intense ardor for you will likely dissipate very soon after you become intimate..

Another interesting aspect is the node on the ascendant. This shows that your minds are in sync, that you have a strong psychic connection and find yourself thinking and saying things at the same time. This can make a relationship seem “karmic” but what often happens is that you end up trying to control or influence the other thoughts too much. If you both realize there is a psychic connection this can be very good but most often it leads to arguments for the former reasons.

So over all it seems he is just interested in you physically . likely he is a”player” and definitely does not what a serious relationship.
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