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Re: Most planets in the 12th and 11th house

Originally Posted by Meekocat View Post

If one was to mainly have their planets in the 11th and 12th house.. what could this mean?

I think it just looks unbalanced..
and I know I have everything but the moon,mars and jupiter in the 11th and 12th house.

Does it represent alot of fear and karmic debt?.
Everyone has some form of 'karmic debt'
because the word 'karma' means 'action'
and actions have consequences

'karma' = 'consequences of actions'


Everyone experiences fear at some time of their life
there are certain houses of the horoscope
that are connected with fear
the 12th is one of those houses

Originally Posted by Meekocat View Post

I read somewhere that people often don't like others with a packed 12th house..
People don't like others for many reasons
not necessarily due to 'a packed 12th house'
There are billions of people who are disliked by others
yet they have no planets in 12th house

Originally Posted by Meekocat View Post

.....especially if saturn is there
Traditionally, Saturn is said to rejoice in 12th house


Saturn's condition by sign is an important factor
there are 12 signs and Saturn may be in any one of the 12 signs
and that makes a difference to interpretation

By the way
hundreds of thousands of people worldwide were born with the same planets clustered similarly


those people all have different experiences because all have different Ascendant signs
which puts all those planets in any one of the 12 house

Just so happens your natal chart has those planets clustered in 11th and 12th houses

there is a clear reliable method of guidance on


'....When many planets occupy the same house,
The most powerful action on the house significations
is from the house ruler
then, from the exaltation ruler
then from the planet with closest natural analogy with the house meanings.
When, among many planets occupying the same house,
some correspond by their analogy to the meanings attached to the house,
whereas others are contrary to them
then ascertain which of these two groups is the most powerful.
If the former, the affairs indicated will be achieved
if the latter, their realization will be impeded or prevented........'


'.When the planets occupying the same house are all benefics,
they anticipate the fulfillment of the good fortune
and the suppression of misfortune indicated by the house.
If they are malefics, the contrary will occur,
unless they are in good zodiacal state in a favorable house.
If some are benefics, and others malefics,
examine with care which ones of the two groups are the most powerful,
and to judge according to the result of this organization
If, in a fortunate house,
a benefic planet is followed by another benefic,
this indicates that the good produced by the house affairs will be stable.....'


'..If the benefic is followed by a malefic, the fortune acquired will be lost
In an unfortunate house,
a benefic followed by another benefic indicates that the misfortune will not be realized,
or if it is,
in an extremely limited way.
If this benefic is followed by a malefic, however,
the misfortune signified by the house will certainly occur,
but the native will escape it.
But if a malefic is followed by another malefic,
the misfortunes caused will be very serious and the native will never escape them....'

source of the above information at


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