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Re: How Long Will I Work at New Job?

It is good to hear from you again and that your life is moving forward. In horary astrology the Moon is usually used for timing. A symbolic direction of the Moon to an important significator will time the event.

In the chart Taurus is rising and Venus is your significator. Using the sixth house to indicate the occupation or job of the querent is a modern idea. The occupation is a tenth house matter. Therefore, the significator of the job is Saturn ruler of the tenth.

Both Venus and Saturn have essential dignity, and I give 12 points to Venus and 7 to Saturn. Venus is in mutual reception with Jupiter. Saturn is conjunct the Lot of Fortune. Because the Sun is in the tenth house and Moon in the fourth house, Fortune is in good condition. So you look to be in good shape here. The job should be interesting and will probable help your financial situation. However, there is no aspect between Saturn and Venus so at some point you will find something better.

The Moon is also your significator, and it is at the beginning of Leo. About 28 degrees separate the Moon and Saturn. This can be used as the term of your employment: one month to each degree gives 28 months. At that time a better situation may well open for you.
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