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How Long Will I Work at New Job?

Hello everyone! It feels strange to be posting again after so many months of inactivity, but it's nice to return to my first online "home," however briefly. I haven't had much time to study astrology during these months, so my knowledge of horary, never expansive to begin with, is rusty. I'm hoping someone may be able to help me interpret this chart.

I recently interviewed for and began a new job. I did not intend it to be permanent, to the extent that any employment can be "permanent" in the present unstable economy, but I am satisfied enough with the responsibilities and work environment that I am considering adjusting my future plans. I even may pursue further training and education in related areas. This is huge for me, since I had struggled throughout my education to choose specific areas of focus.

Before I make these plans, however, I would like to attempt to determine, to the best extent possible, how long I will be employed at this job. My original question was, "Will I work here a long time?" I immediately modified this question to "How long will I work here?" to glean more specific information from the chart. I realized after I recorded the details that there may be undercurrents of "Will I have a bright future here or will I leave to find a better paying job, after I have gained more experience and education?" Of course, these questions are differ in areas of emphasis, and I doubt all three can be contained in one chart. In this case, perhaps the chart is not valid, since I did not articulate my question clearly enough at the time I posed it, or rather, I was uncertain what I was asking.

Upon first glance, though, the chart does not appear any major considerations against judgment--the Ascendant is not at an early or a late degree, the Moon is not void of course, neither Saturn nor Mars are in the tenth house, etc. Since I posed the question, I am signified by Venus in the twelfth. (This is uncontested since Venus is the ruler of Taurus and it appears to be the almuten; it ought to have the most essential dignity at the degree of the Ascendant since this is a day chart and Venus is the triplicity ruler.) Venus is exalted in Pisces, which is great, but it's cadent in the twelfth house of self-undoing and it soon will enter the sign of its detriment, Aries. This makes me nervous.

The job is signified by Mercury in Aquarius in the tenth house, on the cusp of the eleventh, the house of hopes and dreams, among other things. I was encouraged that Mercury was in Aquarius before I realized that Mercury is not the triplicity ruler, since this is not a night chart. I do not believe it is peregrine, however, since it has dignity by face. This is not much consolation in light of the combustion. Why couldn't Mercury be cazimi?

I searched the forum archives for similar charts before I posted my own, but most of the questions inquired if and when the querent would find a job, not how long the querent would stay in a job he or she already had. Alternatively, the querent asked if or when he or she would be fired or let go from a job. Although this question has run through my mind since I began studying the unfavorable conditions of this horary chart, it was not foremost on my mind when I posed the question.

Thank you in advance for any help you may provide with this chart.

Arian Maverick
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