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Re: 4 planets in 10 house

Generally when a Planet is found in a House it either represents some signification of that Planet in that area of your life. This can be shown multiple ways. For example, we see that you have Venus in the 10th. This can indicate that your profession will involve in some way womens needs or desires, jewelry? Fashion? & etc. It may also indicate your bosses (being that the 10th House rules your masters, where as the 6ths rules your servants). Planets in this House may also indicate the frequency of jobs you have. For example, we see that you have 4 Planets in the 10th, therefore this can indicate 4 different jobs and bosses (each possessing resemblance to their Planet). They may be represented by that specific Planet or a mixture of all the Planets.

Since this is only a small part of your chart, some of this may be true while some not. You will need to refine this down more by exploring the rest of your chart and seeing what is supported by other testimonies and what isnt.
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