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Re: A Wild Emotional Life -Moon and Pluto

Originally Posted by Goldenmoon View Post
Yes, something turned on for me when you mentioned the healing arts. Maybe if I heal others, I can heal myself.
I have a trine from my sun and mars, a conjunction from jupiter, and a sextile from saturn to my moon. And my pluto opposites venus, and trine mercury.
wow. You have a lot of releases and outlets from that Moon/Pluto square.

So you can learn to use it for positive results.

Mercury Trine Pluto is great when learning the Healing Arts. You are a natural healer, therapist, masseuse, etc.

A trine to Sun and mars? Awesome energy.

You nailed it when you said, by healing others you heal yourself.

Use that built up emotion and turn it into transformative energy.
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