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Re: Should I move with my parents again?

Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Do you have a sibling that might also want to move with parents or to the current apartment?
Not that Im aware of.

7th ruler has changed signs entered sign of 4th house, the family home so I'd say you are staying with family, whether in your current place or parents its hard to say. Either way I don't see a move to your own apartment. Your current home Saturn is also changing, but staying within the domicile in Aqua, this suggests change in location yet still within the family. So I'd say yes moving with parents would be an option for you, seems to happen around 4 or 5 months?

please update

Incredible! Last friday my mother just got a job here in my city and she is going to live in the apartment. But I have the hunch that sooner we will need to move to another place. I'll update when that happens.
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