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Re: Should I move with my parents again?

Originally Posted by virgo18 View Post

I have been living alone since 2016 (in a property of my grandparents in which they don't live). For that reason, I am not currently paying any rent. My grandparents are having a lot of health problems because of their age and they are now living in an asylum for the elderly.

I have the feeling that anytime soon I'll be forced to leave this apartment. But with what I currently earn I cannot pay a rent for something "good". Everything is too expensive and I don't want to live with roomates that I don't even know.

My parents have been living abroad because of my father's job, and they have been thinking in returning to my country again, but for now they are not really sure to do so. At least when. Just thinking.

So I want to know if my parents return to live at my country again and if I have an opportunity to live with them again, because of my financial situation.

This is my 2 cent:

Saturn is where I live right now and my mother and grandma
Mars is where I'll live in the future
The 4th house is my mother
Mars is entering to Capricorn and soon will enter the 4th.
Moon rules the 10th and it is in Sag (my father living abroad) but it is in the 3rd of near places, which makes me think they'll return sooner or later.

So Yes, I see a possibility to live with my parents again.

Now I will appreciate if someone gives me their 2 cent about this. Thanks in advance.
hello virgo
you stated your question as "should i move with my parents again?" and then you say you are asking "whether you will live with your parents again".
So frankly i dont understand what you case you asked "should i?"then we check whether this would be favorable to you.In case you asked will i....? that would mean that an aspect is needed.
each question is judged differently
for example someone asks: should i go to this trip?will i have fun? then we check whether something bad happens to the querent , the trip etc...
will i go to the trip? then you need an aspect either with l3 (short trip) or l9 ( (faraway travel), depends on the context always etc.
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