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Re: TOO HOT! 🔥 - So much fire in natal chart - Astrology beginner

You have a very dynamic grand trine. Jupiter is in its own sign and Sun/Mars are in mutual reception. Those planets are also the ruler of your Asc and MC. You have a lot of chance to express your grand trine in your life, which is a blessing indeed

You actually has two grand trines though. The one with Sun and the one with Merc. Both Merc and Sun are very high on the chart. I imagine you look like a very fiery person if I was to meet you; a "what you see is what you get" person.

But your Venus doesn't seem to quite agree with that. It's in 8H, conj Saturn and inconjunct Mars. You are either the "many acquaintances but few friends" type of person, or just appear less committed than you actually are. There is also Moon forming two inconjunct with Neptune/Uranus too. Recipe for a turbulent emotional life.
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