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Re: Why have I had so much trouble in my love life

Hello Clip11,
I know I've responded to some other of your questions on the forum, but I can't recall them right now.

I think you have to keep in mind that relationships are difficult for many if not most people - and for different reasons. Some of us make them work when we compromise a lot - and some people feel okay with the compromise. Some of us find compromise very difficult, and we choose not to, in favor of independence or freedom to do as one desires or needs to. There isn't any one easy answer to why relationships are difficult for someone.

You are very focused on your reactions to how others relate to you - predominance of planets in houses 4-6 quadrant. You are sensitive to how others relate to you - what they say and do - rather than focusing on how they might respond to you - what you say and do. You do have Mars in the 7th and Jupiter not far from the 7th - in Pisces - which can give you empathy, but you could use it to manipulate others rather than feel real empathy. It just depends upon how conscious you are. You might try focusing more on how you affect others - how they feel in regard to your words and actions.

True love happens when you know yourself and can be authentic when you relate to others. Otherwise, you aren't able to be loving and attract someone equally loving. As your North Node of the Moon suggests, in this lifetime, it's time to do some deep emotional work. Pluto and Venus in Scorpio would suggest the same. With Venus in Scorpio in the 3rd house, you could think about sex a lot - but that isn't love. With your Sag Moon conjunct Uranus and Saturn in the same sign - I think you're more likely to want the real thing. But, you will tend to be too judging or to have too high standards. Sag Moon people have very high standards and your Jupiter in Pisces there conjunct Mars in 7th - will have high standards. It can make you seem hard, not very understanding, too demanding to your potential partners. At least, this is one possibility. You could come across as unemotional, a bit controlling, or underneath it all -too self-absorbed.

With Chiron on your MC, pointing the finger at a problem, maybe you need to become aware of your thinking (Gemini) - and who you think you are. Do you over-value your importance or being a great catch? Are you REALLY loving from deep inside - showing your compassion and understanding? Truly caring about another person - feeling heartfelt desire to be there for that person, flaws and all - to love and cherish - is a very unselfish thing. Are you offering that? Are you truly being authentic? Are you communicating from an authentic place?

Anyway, these are some thoughts I have looking at your chart.

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