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Re: Why have I had so much trouble in my love life

Originally Posted by clip11 View Post
I have Venus Trine Mars and Venus Trine Jupiter which I thought were 2 great placements for love and sex. But I don't think I have been reaping the benefits of said placement.

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Your Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn. It is also way out of bounds. It's in the 4th house so could I ask if your Mother was difficult to deal with? If so, you may be attracting women with similar characteristics but it might not be obvious. With the Moon's conjunction to Uranus (and wider orb to Saturn), there is freedom loving/restriction avoiding tendency as well.

Venus is also in its detriment in the 3rd house in Scorpio. Perhaps there is difficulty connecting with women on both an emotional and intellectual level? Mercury is with Neptune and the Sun in the 5th house which would be a nice romantic combo but there needs to be connective tissue so to speak. Venus in the third would signify a late bloomer since it's a cadent house.

Mars in Pisces is also a bit challenging in that it wants to dissolve in sexual unity - very high expectations for an ideal partner, and with Jupiter - Very very ideal.

So perhaps your out of bounds Mercury needs to find a way to come to earth and deal with more mundane matters you can converse with women and then adjust expectations to be more realistic. It looks like romance would come from friendships but with Moon ruling 11, they would be unusual people - maybe progressive with the Uranus Moon conjunction.
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