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Re: Why have I had so much trouble in my love life

Originally Posted by clip11 View Post
I have Venus Trine Mars and Venus Trine Jupiter which I thought were 2 great placements for love and sex. But I don't think I have been reaping the benefits of said placement.
Hello clip,

venus and mars and jupiter can only do in your chart - what they are responsible for from house subjects each of them rules.

Venus has two faces and subjects - as libra venus as air sign she is about general contact and exchange with a counterpart. Venus as taurus venus is more about selfprotection of own territory, setting boundaries, to take for own growth and to take care of own property.

Venus is not consequently responsible for love in every chart - especially not in yours. As your venus rules your 9th house - education, university, own (religious) faith and belief, expanding wisdom and knowledge, travelling, foreign countries and foreign cultures, teachers you can find in your life and teacher you can be for other people.

And venus rules your 2nd house as well - your financial income, your selfesteem, your setting boundaries - your feeling of being safe and secure and your capability to self-protect your own territory.

Love and romance, sexuality and sex just for fun - father as first male model role to act like a man - in your chart is shown with capricorn in 5th house ruled by saturn. Saturn (also father influence) is in your 3rd house - (communication, thoughts and mind) cusp 4th house and in square with jupiter as ruler of your 4th house - feelings, mother and experiences with mother in childhood as first model role for women in your chart.

With uranus in 4th house - your mother might have been experienced from you as sometimes unpredictable from one second to the other - so that you never knew what expects you coming home as a child. And probably felt yourself not really at home and welcomed and grounded on earth itself.

With saturn squaring your jupiter you might have also witnessed your parents fighting in their relationship against each other and took over a misinterpreted others-directed picture of relationship from your parents. And you had to learn early to don't tell your parents/father much about yourself to not deliver the weapon, one could use against you. Scorpio venus in 3rd house can also show a sibling - sister- and not always easy going relationship with her - because of probably some jealousy involved.

Relationships are with pisces in your 7th house ruled by neptune- who is in 4th house in conj. with your sun - you are kinda "not very much" visible to people you meet in personal area.

Sun rules your 12th house with sun/neptune correspondence and is intensified with neptune conj. - what can also mean, that you hide yourself and hold yourself back - because you are a very sensitive and empathic man - perceiving a lot more from other people - even on first sight. And might probably get sometimes overwhelmed from your impressions and perceptions- not knowing anymore- who you are yourself - what is yours and what is from other people.

Mars rules your 8th house (with mars/pluto correspondence). 8th house is among others longlasting relationship and marriage, but also genetic inheritance, predisposition for health issues, bloodline ancestors and leaving descendants. And subconsciously stored memory from past (mostly bad) experience what under mars/pluto correspondence energy can also get into a self-destructive self-sabotage programme - instinctively looking for the "wrong" partners to get hurted - but in fact also needed for a self-transformation of your stored memory.

And all what you subconsiously stored in 8th house takes your mars as ruler of your 8th into encounter area of 7th house - with all the radiance and outsending and attraction radiance on other people.

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