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Re: help with my chart plus the chart of a girl i met

Originally Posted by VRamone View Post
I got involved with this girl, and despite deeply in my gut i know she's not being nice to me, sucking my money, etc, i can't forget her and make her out of my life. Is there something in the chart that says we are bound to each other?

Hi Ramone,

your are right -something special is going on here between you two. What in fact she might not be the only initiator or the causer for - what you feel as an issue. But more a trigger doubling your own transit aspect, where you probably project something on her what in fact you are dealing with yourself and what comes up in your mind from your own subconscious. Your natal mercury as ruler of your 8th house was already activated by transiting saturn's trine for a while during this year -to check up what is still in your subconsious and memory of the past -not serving you any more.

In fact - she is kinda more a healing-experience for you and your own energies - with her leo chiron she puts in your 6th house - health - in sextile with your gemini chiron in your 4th house. And her jupiter trining and supporting your mercury.

As her jupiter trines your mercury as ruler of your 8th house (subconsiously stored memory from the past and past longlasting relationships). And her jupiter trine on your mercury comes along with intense energy - your own mercury is not familiar with. Her jupiter is in trine with her uranus and in trine with her neptune- kinda irritating your taurus mercury in 3rd house - you probably don't know what to clearly think about this all - because your own natal mercury square jupiter gets activated as well and you loose your self-trust and your trust in your thoughts.

Your 21 degree aquarius AC is sextiled very exact right now by transiting pluto as your MC and 10th house ruler. Her scorpio pluto on 21 degrees - she puts on your 10th house cusp - is transited by pluto's sextile as well and this intense energy of both together squares very exact your AC.

Moreover with her pluto a venus/pluto semisextile and a mercury/pluto semisextile comes along with her - all effecting your AC, you probably can feel physically in your body and get kinda like overwhelmed or like paralysed from- or like others-directed and unable to do what you want to do and to enforce on your own.

Her saturn squares your pluto and you might have the impression that she has/takes easyily leadership over you - as your own saturn is not much aspected and connected in your own chart and challenges /squares your own AC. But is in zero degree biquintile with your aries venus in your second house cusp 3rd - an amazone- who likes to take leader on her own hand in hand with a jupiter sextile in your chart.

Your own natal pluto as your AC ruler inconjuncts your natal sun as your DC ruler and you are in general a little bit endangered to give the counterpart more room than yourself - because of your additional empathic sun neptune inconjunct - you perceive a lot more with than others do -and the natural boundaries between the "I and You" are more fluently than clear and strict - with neptune ruling your 2nd house in inconjunct with sun in 4th house.

Your sun is at apex of a grand Yod - called the finger of God - with neptune and pluto as it's basement - and relationship is a main part of it. With which you have the challenge in your chart to get three things/elements/subjects under one hat and to not get lost yourself within it.

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