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Smile Re: Sun in Essential Detriment in Tropical Aquarius

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Let's try to see how dignity works out. Mohammad Ali was a fighter, a warrior.
But his Mars is in Detriment in Taurus. And his Sun is "weak" by house, standing in the 6th. All three planets in the 10th of fame and glory (ditto Sun) are retrograde.

So how did this guy get to be champion of the world, The Greatest?

Here we see Sun, the Tenth House, and warrior Mars all debilitated...producing a king.

So maybe I don't quite understand the effects of the dignities as well as I should.
Understanding the concept of Dignities and Debilities is my latest project. I find it much easier to correlate the Dignities. "Strength" and "weakness" appear to be inadequate descriptions.

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