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Smile Re: Sun in Essential Detriment in Tropical Aquarius

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
They are called "Essential" dignities. Things essential are not conditional. The debilities are also essential.

Essential dignities are those related to the signs: domicile, exaltation, triplicity, term and face.

They represent inherent, immutable qualities.

A planet in its domicile has power. Usually it works for the good. But there is never a guarantee.

For example, Mars in Scorpio is in domicile and empowered. But we shouldn't forget that the intrinsic nature of Mars has left him branded as "the Lesser Malefic". He will act according to his nature, and Mars stirs things up.

The other type of dignity, based on things other than sign, is called "accidental" dignity. They represent things adventitious that deeply affect our development. Angularity is a common form of accidental dignity.
So, you're saying Sun in Aquarius is inherently weak in some way or other, as a generalization? I haven't noticed that in practice. What evidence supports the theory in your experience (not necessarily in your own case).
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