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Re: Sun in Essential Detriment in Tropical Aquarius

Originally Posted by david starling View Post

Not seeing it, myself.
But, with my Moon and Venus in Aquarius, maybe
I'm inclined to overlook the expected affliction.
Any Aquarian Suns have some insight on the matter?
Originally Posted by greybeard View Post

The native does not see his astrological affliction as an affliction.

I suppose he/she is too close.

I have Sun, Mars,Jupiter and Neptune all in exile, and
they all seem normal to me.
It's all I've ever known.
Originally Posted by david starling View Post

The first three are all assertive in their own right, regardless of placement.
Maybe viewing from an "outsider's" vantage point provides objectivity.
generously FREE from Charlie Obert
In episode 156 of THE ASTROLOGY PODCAST astrologer Charles Obert
explains the concept of essential dignities and debilities
and how they are used
to determine the condition of a planet in an astrological chart.
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