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Re: Will I have a love interest ?

You are represented by jupiter, moon and venus. Jupiter and moon are strong in their own rulership. The pontential love interest or relationship is signified by mercury, sun and mars, because he is in the 7th house. Jupiter will applying mars by sextile and also mars is in mutual recption with venus. Even the sun "loves" venus. This is a good indication that you will meet someone or maybe you know this person already. Moon is also the ruler of your 5th house (the house of love affairs). She will move by a square to mars and then to venus by trine. This could be a translation of light. And also there could be a collection of light due to saturn.
Often conjunctions could indicate an interaction between lovers. Venus will meet mercury by conjunction. However mercury doesn't receive venus in any dignities and mercury is in Venus' detriment and face. Moon will make an applying aspect to Saturn by opposition and Sun by square, which could indicate obstacles or even separations. Overall I think you will meet someone. It will begin with a fling but if you will really enter into a commitment is difficult to tell. You will have to overcome some huge obstacles. Even if it will develop to a relationship, then this will not end up very well and you both will break up someday.
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