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Re: Own children

Thank you for your answers, I'm replying a bit late as days fly with a speed of lightning!

If you happen to get that friend's chart I would love to hear if there's any similarities with mine. I always want to be prepared but it seems that the more I try the more life throws unexpected things at me

I would love to consider Jupiter as Pisces' ruler but astrology as I was taught also includes modern planets so I would need to shift my, otherwise very very poor knowledge and it's a bit too much information at the moment. I do agree that these planets were discovered only lately and there's no solid ground to base conclusions on, however they are connected to mythology and that's where they got their explanations. I guess.

When Saturn was transiting my Sun (and it happened many times because it was retrograde one too many times in the past years) my health suffered a lot due to a chronic issue that got so much worse in that time, really bad symptoms but nothing in particular to put a solid or rather new diagnosis on. Which is actually a good thing as my former and new diagnosis is milder than what I thought could be after all the bad symptoms, and now things are just so much better, there's just no particular cure.

I tried to order that book from bookdepository but brexit seems to be affecting many things. I managed to get it off amazon, I hope I'll receive it. The reviews are quite lovely. In the meantime I'm having great fun reading Frawley's The Real Astrology.
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