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Re: Who am i?

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post
It's a pleasure

The main advice I can tell you right now is too try to do new things.
Practice things you like, search informations about new subjects, do what you can, meet the people you want (online or in real life), etc..

Because if you are too passive (watching a lot of videos, series, try to escape no matter how, etc..) you don't create opportunities to manifest new things in your life. This is the same thing with mental health healing.

Like you I lost a lot of years doing "nothing meaningful" or feeling stucked in desperate situations. Introspection is a gift but also a curse sometimes. You will be who you want to be at the right time. And I strongly believe you're able to be happy because you have a lot of potential in your chart. You have the power to improve a lot
I understand. You are right. I will do my best. Even its potential is important to me.
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