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Re: Who am i?

I'm not surprised at all that you like to do poetry ^^
This is a Mercury in 12th house "thing". I have it a bit too. (but for a weird reason, it only plays out when I have some strong bad feelings (maybe because of some of my aspects). So I try to not develop it too much, because it don't make me feel good at all. I stopped to express my feelings in written shape.
Actually, Mercury gift in 12th house is "hidden communication". So, metaphors in poetry (for example) in a kind of symbolic communication. This gift can be expressed by several arts or areas (for example hypnosis, that is not an art but is an area that use symbols, or psychology, spirituality, etc.. arts like drawing, writting stories or poetry, music, etc.). Through something you express something else that is hidden. And you channel easily some 12th house powers (inspiration and ideas from collective unconscious). Mercury there has the ability to make link between things very quick. And this is the way inspiration works. But if Mercury is afflicted by a transit, or not enough "fed", it can make the expression and inspiration difficult and very slow.

All the Virgo Suns don't have just one, but often several gifts. Some are in your life since your birth (as a natural easiness to do something and improve at it) Other are gifts you start to develop in this life, and it could be difficult, but it's important. Virgo role is to perfect some of those skills in details. It make us happy to learn and improve, and help other people too. But in general, all virgos are very skilled at one or two main thing. (from what i've noticed around me). And can have a good level at a lot of things, but more a "good middle level" than an "expert" one ^^

Virgos Sun and Capricorn Moon are not lazy about serious things. But fear can make them act like if they were lazy. You are an hardworker, but because both of us are Aries 6th house cusp, I guess that your workflow is like mine. Easy to start things quick, difficult and slow to finish (virgo = perfectionist). Aries in 6th house need a motivation boost (like a big idea that motivated you a lot, or bad things like extrem stress/ deadlines, etc.) The combo with Virgo Sun make us prone to burn out. Because Aries in 6th house doesn't care too much about health. (want to eat quickly, and can forget to sleep when he is to motivated to do something else.)

Mercury in 12th house (when it plays out bad) can also make us prone to apathy, sleeping, drugs, watching a lot of videos, video games, and all other things that are able to alter the intellectual state (and so, the emotional state because our thoughts have an influence on it). Run away / try to escape from something is a 12th house behavior. And the difficulties to make choices is a Mercury in Libra and Libra thing. Even worse because 12th house represent spiritual or physical jails, so you can feel emprisonned in your doubts, your thoughts, for a lot of years. But, all things are able to change
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