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Re: Who am i?

Appreciate your prompt summary critique, sun virgo!
differentiating between knee inflammations n knee calcification.
Glad you did not find the generic reading as bad.

You could be lazy with yourself but otherwise hard working
or the plodding capricon ambitious to reach the top bit by bit

May be you could comment in feedback
on the balance planets and paras how true-untrue etc,
may be there is more to share;

Hope you found clues to your own intrapsychic personality conflicts
in terms of the need to remain detached alike moon-ketu,
the shy critical self-conscious perfectionist sun virgo 11th for friends etc,
mars struggle over the inimical pitch leo 10th for performance,
success and recognition under stress-delays;
while rahu cancer 9th learning to be secular n sensitive
with the current transit moreover;
while having aptitude for functional literary-oratory aptitudes
in a structured situation as invited speaker-teacher etc,
while jup-sat gemini aptitude for economics, analytical research etc,

libra asc seeking sociability and balance yet withdrawn into the 12th house
for isolation, jails, hospitals, international affairs etc,
while separative ketu transits natal moon-ketu
seeking detachment from the environment;

moon-rahu opp tending to rise-fall in life and calling for prayers,
while various other remedies have been suggested to overcome or gain;

wishing you well again as you blossom into life with awareness,
being fair to yourself, while accepting the challenges, learning with life,
building on your inventory of talents being yourself without being
over critical with self or others;

Donate to your Delight!!!

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